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things and stuff and bits and bobs in no particular order

Atualizado: 24 de fev. de 2021

Hi. I'm starting a blog. Most of the time, I'll be writing about records, books, wine, cuisine, politics and sometimes about nothing in particular. I will also use the blog as a diary for my projects and collaborations. You can subscribe to this blog. I do not advise you to, though. You will quickly become disappointed, then somewhat sad, and finally extremely irritated. I feel that I must also warn you that I like all kinds of music in equal measure. I'm a musician and an Ethnomusicologist. And that means that to my ear every single humanly organised sound is music. That also means that I will listen repeatedly to Forgive me nots by Patrice Rushen with the exact same interest and fascination that makes me spend weeks absorbed in a bar from Jeux vénitiens by Witold Lutosławski. I will also do quite often what I just did: I will drop some names that you may have never heard before. And then there's politics, wine, food, and things and stuff and bits and bobs in no particular order. Do drop by sometime.


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